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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tory cliches fill Twitter.

David Miliband's Resignation Signals Labour 'Lurch To The Left', Claim Tories

The Milliband brothers.

Conservative MPs have seized on David Miliband's decision to quit parliament as evidence the Labour Party is "lurching to the left" under the leadership of his brother.
(Huffington Post 28th March 2013)

Tory bigots doing what Tory bigots always do when seeking to divert attention away from their own incompetence and ineptitude. The "reds under the bed" cliches have been around for decades and are as shallow now as they have always been. Moreover they are fallacious and puerile in suggesting that Labour has "lurched to the left". If that were the case, the party membership would have increased by thousands overnight as all those disillusioned activists who have left the Labour party in droves since 1990 and the days of Blair's "New Labour" renewed their memberships. If (when) that happens, the Tory bigots  will really notice the difference and will feel the heat.