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Friday, 8 March 2013

A State of denial where Historic Child Abuse is concerned.

£6 million abuse inquiry will go ahead

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television -
Savile at Haut de la Garenne
Stuart Syvret


In June of last year, I posted an item under the heading of "Jersey's 'secrecy culture', commenting on how many things are common knowledge in Jersey. However, it is also a fact that there are some events in Jersey which seem to promote a state of denial within many Jersey people. One such topic is the Historic Child Abuse scandal. Yesterday I commented on this Channel Television article with  "Jersey Politicians vote in favour of abuse inquiry" on Facebook, here on my Blog "New Agenda" and in the comments column of the page. Some of the other comments on that page are quite revealing. This is a selection.

Posted By: Alan on 07-Mar-2013
Well Leah McGrath Goodman thinks we all live in farming communities and own yachts so is it worth contacting such an ill informed journalist at all?

Posted By: Tom Grouville on 07-Mar-2013
Does someone want to send this to Leah McGarth Goodman and Bill Maloney. They might find it interesting!

Posted By: Pierre, St Helier on 07-Mar-2013
I thought that no serious sexual abuse was uncovered at Garenne, in contrast to the sensationalist media reporting? From what I remember reading, it was no worse than what I suffered at boarding school in England but that hasn't ruined my life nor am I suing anyone, nor do I want an enquiry, I've just moved on. £6m is a lot of money (which could go towards another steam clock or a dodgy film).

Posted By: Kate on 07-Mar-2013
What a waste of money. They could use £6 Million to help young people who are unemployed or build some drop in zones to give young people things to do. They could have also used the money to enhance more facilities at Highlands College. Such a shame the voices of a minority fueled by a handful of backbenchers can eventually waste so much tax payers money in such a way which we will all have to pay in taxes. We know there was abuse at HDLG yet some people just want to dwell on it. So sad. 

There is a body of opinion on the Island, fortunately in the minority, who actually believe that all the evidence of abuse has been fabricated, the "victims" are not credible witnesses and that whole subject of child abuse has been wildly exaggerated. Others concede that abuse may occurred but deny the extent and effects and some who actively seek to expose the abuse and those responsible for it. I have friends and acquaintances in Jersey who fall into all three categories of opinion.
I remain convinced that this inquiry is long overdue, and that there is now a vehicle to explore all aspects of the Historic Child abuse scandal, no matter where such exploration may lead.