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Monday, 11 March 2013

Tony Blair: More neo-con than the neo-cons.

More evangelical than the American Christian Right.

Tony Blair and George Bush

 "With his Manichean, black and white view of the world, Mr Blair was in his way more neo-con than the neo-cons, more evangelical than the American Christian Right. From this flowed Britain's contribution to the mistakes made before and after the Iraq invasion, despite repeated warnings from the Foreign Office and the Washington embassy."  (Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain's ambassador to Washington between 1997 and 2003.)

The evidence against Blair, (and Bush) mounts. The ICC has given lengthy prison terms to people for far less than these two criminals conspired to carry out in Iraq. Blair fabricated "justification" for the invasion and lied to the House of Commons to secure parliamentary support for an illegal war. That is a crime in itself. The un-necessary death's of British service personnel during the invasion and since, together with the deaths of tens of thousands (if not more) Iraqi civilians, place Blair high on the list of history's war criminals.