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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

David Milliband leaves UK for USA

David Miliband Resigns: Former Foreign Secretary To Step Down As MP To Take Job At 'Top Charity' In New York
David Milliband.

From the general tone of this article, (David Miliband Resigns:), the hyperbole ridden “Tweets” and a significant number of the contributions in the comments section, readers could be excused for believing that a great catastrophe has befallen the country generally and the Labour Party in particular. It will come as no surprise to anyone reading my contributions, either on Huffington Post or here on the pages of this Blog, that I do not share the gloom at the prospect of political life without the presence of Milliband major.
The “Blairite” faction of the Labour party has lost another, perhaps the only remaining rallying point, for those awaiting the return of a messiah to lead them back to “good old days”, with a Blair coloured administration perhaps even with the ghost of Blair lurking in the shadows behind the throne. How disappointed they were when Milliband minor secured an, albeit narrow, victory in the leadership election. How disappointed the other Milliband was, to be “robbed” of the crown, despite his protestations to the contrary and his “enthusiastic” endorsement of his younger brother. 

David and Ed Miliband (Pics:PA and Reuters)
David and Ed Milliband

The jury is still out on the question of Milliband minor being the right choice as leader for the future of the Labour party. Certainly, the Blairite wing do not think so, but may now be a little more reticent with their public criticisms and covert whisperings.
Milliband major now wanders off to foreign parts, following the example of Blair and others who have left this country, to expand their fame, and their fortunes.
I, for one, will not miss him.