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Friday, 15 March 2013

Cameron's bizarre resistance to Leveson recommendations.

 Cameron calls off talks on press reform.

Cameron called a press conference to explain his decision

Lord Justice Leveson with his inquiry report


There is something quite sinister in the way that Cameron continues to defy overwhelming evidence and opinion, and renage on his previous commitments to implement the Leveson recommendations. It has been felt for some time that there is a hidden agenda somewhere, probably put together behind closed doors during cosy little sessions at Chequers or even at Number 10 and known only to Cameron and a few carefully selected confidants. It is clearly evident from numerous other examples that the concept of "Self Regulation" does not work. For Cameron to argue that statutory underpinning of regulation as proposed by Leveson would somehow remove the freedom of the press to undertake investigative journalism is perverse. The test is always one of  "fair comment on a matter of public interest" and exposure of malpractice, corruption, criminal activity and even fiddling expenses claims can always be taken to law. The problems now, which have become even more odious over the past few years, are the cavalier excesses of the press and media in their intrusions into private lives or their coverage of other events such as Hillsborough or murder investigations and their apparent immunity from any form of accountability for their actions.
It is clear that Cameron is seeking to continue that immunity and to ensure that "self regulation" remains as just a toothless gesture to public opinion. The questions however will not go away. What is the hidden agenda, why is Cameron so determined to resist the Leveson recommendations, and what profit will Cameron receive from his continuing opposition?