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Monday, 25 March 2013

State theft endorsed by the Troika.

EU ministers approve €10bn bailout deal to save Cyprus

From television reports on BBC and on Sky, the reporters in Nicosia are saying that the only people happy with this "bailout to save Cyprus", are the "markets" and the politicians. There is no mention of the people of Cyprus and their savings, or the ex-pats  and retired British residents who may have their entire life savings on deposit. 100,000 Euro is around £85,000 on today's rates, and can hardly be described as fortune and yet the entire amount could be confiscated from peoples accounts. I stand by what I have said previously. This solution is nothing but state theft given legitimacy by the Eurozone..Another "victory" for the Troika and the aspirations of Legarde and Merkel for German/IMF domination of Europe and to hell with the ordinary people who live there..