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Monday, 21 September 2015

A "senior serving general" advocating sedition in the United Kingdom.

 British Army 'could stage mutiny under Corbyn',

The army could rebel over plans to scrap Trident or pull out of Nato

When I was a boy, my friends wanted to fill all sorts of occupations when they grew up. Train driver, soldier, bus conductor, and all the usual (plus some unusual) roles in later life. I on the other hand watched all the films of the time and predominately in only one genre. Hold the front page, Deadline midnight, Foreign correspondent and many many others. Young John always wanted to be a newspaper reporter. However, today, particularly after recent and current events, I would be ashamed to admit to anyone that I worked in or was associated with journalism. The media, including television “news” programmes has over recent weeks, has been engaged in the most virulent, malicious and tendentious assault that I have ever seen, and all directed against one man. I understand that “editorial policy” may determine a particular emphasis for the newspaper concerned, but we have now passed the point where reporting has become and far exceeds a malignant McCarthyism style witch hunt. The vast majority of what is “reported” is obtained from anonymous or unattributed “sources”, all is scurrilous. Today’s headline in the Independent, emanating it seems from the Telegraph sinks, to even greater depths in the cesspit of journalistic bile which was once a honourable profession. “A senior serving General has reportedly warned that the British army could stage mutiny under Corbyn...”etc.

I maintain that this “senior serving General” should be named and arrested on a charge of inciting sedition. Like it or not, Jeremy Corbyn is a democratically elected MP and has now been elected by the Labour party to the position of Party leader. To threaten or advocate insurrection to remove a politician of whatever opinion is very dangerous. We do not live in Egypt or some South American banana republic.