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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Membership increases by almost threefold in 12 months.

West Dorset CLP gaining new members.


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I was at the the West Dorset CLP Annual General Meeting last night. It was reported that membership of the Labour Party in this constituency had increased almost threefold over the past 12 months. Of that figure,the highest increase in membership had taken place in the last 6 months. A very well attended AGM learned that of the new and (like me) returning members, a significant majority gave their motivation for for joining as support for Jeremy Corbyn.

The leadersip ballot closes at 12 noon today (10th September) and the result will be announced at a special Labour party conference on Saturday 12th September (live coverage on BBC 2 at 11:00am).

Who ever emerges as leader, the Labour party will be a very different party from next week and going forward. The attendance of many hundreds, if not thousands of people at Jeremy Corbyn campaign meetings around the country (and the usual overflow rallies outside because the meeting halls were full) demonstrates a reconnection between people and politics, which has not been witnessed in this country for many decades.

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Jeremy Corbyn has brought a new vision and a new ambition into the Labour party by addressing the issues, telling the truth and convincing party members and people in the wider audience around the country, that things can be different and that there is a real alternative to the status quo.