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Monday, 14 September 2015

Who is responsible for orchestrating the abusive attacks coming out of the media and television?

BBC and Sky become more biased and more scurillous by the minute.

Jane Secker

Victoria Derbyshire

 When I went to bed last night, Sky News, BBC News and doubtless many other stations, were bleating on about the lack of women in Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow cabinet. I got up this morning at my usual early time, and those same channels were still hysterically screaming about the lack of women, but now had been joined by the usual suspects in the press. A few hours ago, it was announced that the Shadow cabinet will have over 50% women members.
I have just turned off the television in disgust at the scurillous, biased, distorted and hysterically hpocritical reporting which continues on television. Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News Channel and Jane Secker on Sky (and no doubt others) are now hysterically questioning every guest on the programme and shouting out in mock indignation that there may be over 50% but none of the women have the top jobs! (and even that slur is untrue).
When this outrageous,unwarranted and sinister attack on the Labour party and its elected leaders eventually subsides, then the media and television people responsible for and orchestrating this abuse of" freedom of the press" must be identified and held accountable.