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Friday, 18 September 2015

Corporation’s “biased” reporting was a “significant factor” in Scotland voting against independence.

Alex Salmond reignites row with Nick Robinson over ‘bias’

Alex Salmond is interviewed by Nick Robinson

I am not a member of the SNP.Neither am I a supporter of that party.Mowever, I am able to recogise and comment on bias when I see it. Far from being a "sore loser" Alex Salmond is absolutely right in complaining of BBC bias during the referendum campaign.

I reproduce in full, an article taken from my Blog, "New Agenda" and dated 15th September 2014. Headed:

BBC bias in Scottish referendum.

Notwithstanding yesterdays protest, which was given only passing acknowledgement on the BBC news programmes incidentally, the BBC reverts today, to its now accepted role as “The Union's Champion” and official propaganda tool for the "Vote No" campaign. About as subtle as an elephant rampaging around the shelves of Royal Doulton or Wedgwood or Royal Albert dinnerware in some exclusive department store, the BBC bounces back on its news programmes (so far) this morning, with all the “too close to call” headlines and interviews with Labour shadow ministers who, with their own agenda for retaining the Union, are given leading questions to be used as a vehicle to trot out the now well worn prophesies of doom and gloom in the event of a “Yes” vote. The BBC yesterday attempted to present a façade of “impartiality” but even the spectacle of Andrew Marr spinning a coin for “first interview place” between Salmond and Darling was not convincing.
With the election machines of the Westminster parties on full power, the orchestrated interventions of large corporations, banks and other vested interests and the rather bizarre contribution from the chief constable for Durham that somehow, organised international criminal gangs will seek to exploit any new border between England and an independent Scotland, may well produce a narrow, but pyrrhic, win for the No camp at the polls next Thursday. This will in no small way, be as a result of BBC “reporting” and the support for the establishment and their rather shabby negative campaigning.