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Friday, 4 September 2015

The problem is now and it is in Europe.

Britain to take more refugees as Cameron bows to pressure

David Cameron bows to pressure

Cameron "bows to pressure" and is expected to announce that Britain will accept more than a thousand refugees from UNHCR camps on the border of Syria. A "knee jerk" reaction forced upon him by public and political pressure, to a problem he should have been addressing for months. Even then, Cameron leaps to the wrong conclusion either by accident or more probably design, and fails to recognise the reality.

 The refugees in the UNHCR camps on the borders of Syria, although not living in the lap of luxury, have the basic necessities of food, shelter, water, sanitation and medical care provided by the UN and other voluntary organisations. 

Refugees wait to board a train at Budapest

Bicske station

The refugees in Bicske station, in Keleti terminus in Budapest, on the Serbian border, and in Greece, however, do not have even the basics of acceptable facilities. The problem is not on the borders of Syria in UN refugee camps. The problem is now, today and it is in Europe. It is this immediate problem that David Cameron should be addressing,rather than seeking to pacify public criticism with spineless gestures and patronising phrases.