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Friday, 18 September 2015

What is the motive of the Telegraph in alleging that 40 years ago, two 20 somethings were lovers?

Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott were lovers (says the Telegraph)



Unnamed "sources", unattributed comments, anonymous smears and the "Telegraph" pours out the slime with its usual relish for a 40 year old whisper with which to add another smear to their anti Corbyn agenda.
What make the Telegraph so obnoxious and reprehensible is their obvious delectation for peddling lies, distortion and insult on anyone who they oppose or are afraid of. Their "journalists" too wallow in this cesspit of excrement, having prostituted themselves and their profession on the altar of duplicity.
The Telegraph joins the others of the gutter press and exhibits all that is despicable about the media in this country today.