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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Wait and hear what he says rather than what the mischevious Guardian "reports"

 Shadow chancellor says party will vote in favour of Tories’ fiscal charter( but will take radically different approach on cutting deficit)

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

Interesting to note how the Guardian and many people in this "comments" section of this article, leap onto the words "Labour will match Osborne" and yet ignore the remainder. It is like being transported back a few weeks when this "newspaper" together with most of the media and television, would grasp a few words, take them completely out of context then invent their own story in an attempt to discredit and smear Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Today, the Guardian continues this smear and discredit campaign, but this time the target of their distortion is John McDonnell. The paper screams the headline, but conspicuously omits the "but will take radically different approach on cutting deficit". Buried deep in the article is the comment from McDonnell that, “We will tackle the deficit but the dividing line between us and the Tories is how we tackle it. Our basic line is we are not allowing either middle or low earners or those on benefit to have to pay for the crisis. It is as simple as that.”
In view of the fact that these proposals will only become public during Conference, it is a bit premature to criticise these remarks as some sort of "U turn" rather than the usual Guardian mischievous speculation. It would be better to wait and hear what he actually says. In the event that McDonnell is actually proposing a departure from the current position, I shall be amongst the first to criticise and such criticism will not be mild.