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Thursday, 17 September 2015

We must treat the "Independent" with some skepticism, even when they may have good news.

Labour MPs send texts to Lib Dem leader Tim Farron after 'deeply distressing' Jeremy Corbyn victory(says the Independent)

Tim Farron getting excited

If this story is true (and we must always treat what we read in the "Independent" as probable lies or inneundo and treat the comments with a degree of contempt), then this is the best and most welcome news that this "newspaper" has published for some time. Rather than have these faceless and nameless MP's (again the Independent uses unnamed and unattributable sources for their own biased agenda), behaving like spoilt brats sulking in the corner muttering threats, better to have them "cross the floor" to join the other bunch of hypocrites in the Liberal Democrats, or better still have them all deselected and thrown out of the party.A garbage story (perhaps) from a garbage newspaper (definately) deserving of contempt. If you have some facts "Independent" put them into print or otherwise, shut up.