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Thursday, 3 September 2015

How will arming the parties in a civil war bring about "peace and stabilty"?

David Cameron: Britain should not take more Middle East refugees

David Cameron: "try to bring peace and stability to that part of the world".

"Cameron insisted the best solution to the crisis was to bring peace and stability to the Middle East"

It is indeed ironic, that Cameron should use this phraseology, at this time.
It would appear that the vast majority of those refugees locked out from Budapest's Keleti  railway station, thousands more in Greece and Serbia and yet thousand more crossing the Mediterranean (and many being drowned in the process), are in fact from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. 
Perhaps Cameron and other members of his government could explain how a long term solution, like bringing "peace and stability to the Middle East", will solve, or at least improve the current crisis, today or tomorrow or even next week. Moreover, Cameron could explain how the continuing supply of arms and other supplies being sent from the UK, the United States and some European countries, to one or other of the one thousand odd factions involved in the civil war in against Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, will contribute to achieving "peace and stability". 
Successive governments in the United Kingdom, the United States and some European countries have for decades indulged in a series of foreign policy options which have destroyed societies, infrastructure and killed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Middle East and not least of all in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.
Even today the consequences of these interventions are plainly evident while in Syria and northern Iraq the western inspired civil war to overthrow Al-Assad rages on and spreads in all directions.
We cannot expect that civilians will do anything other that what civilians have done throughout history, when confronted with the violence of warfare and the prospect of being killed. Civilians will become refugees as they flee from the from the dangers. Men, women and children will do what ever is necessary and take any risks in order to protect their families.
Today's refugees cannot go to neighboring countries or even other Arab States as they are either full of refugee camps already or are themselves subject to repressive regimes with civil unrest evident. Frying pans and fires in fact.
Today's refugees have no option but to try to go north, to Europe, where some countries but not all, are prepared to assist.
Cameron, as Prime Minister of one of the western countries ultimately responsible for this human catastrophe, copy's Pontius Pilate and washes his hands of the problem (certainly in the short and medium term), as the repercussions of past actions manifest themselves on the borders of Europe.