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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cameron and his gang are out of control



David Cameron under pressure to explain legal basis for drone attack in Syria 




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A renegade government, led by Cameron and a small clique of maverick ministers who believe that they have the right to administer state executions where ever and when ever they choose. Leaving aside the deaths of these two Isis terrorists, there is a more fundamental issue at stake. The execution was of two British nationals (who may or may not have been planning something) in Syria, a country who we are not at war with. The House of Commons had rejected British military involvement in Syria. (Notwithstanding this, Cameron has within the last few months defied the Commons and covertly ordered RAF airstrikes in Syria).
The precedent is set that the UK government has joined the United States and Israel in the governments who believe that they can execute anyone they choose, including their own citizen, anywhere in the world without any reference to international law or due process of law.
It is a disgusting, immoral and moreover dangerous precedent set by the clique who believe that they are accountable to no one.
The House of Commons must stand firm and hold these renegades, who are completely out of control, to account and reject such cavalier activities.