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Monday, 14 September 2015

An alarming decline in British journalism.

Don’t mistake the fresh-faced enthusiasm that Jeremy Corbyn has inspired for a 'new politics' 

This is not a movement – it is a sense of frustration looking for people to betray it



John Rentoul: a "Labour-leaning journalist" with slavish admiration for Tony Blair



 John Rentoul really is a spiteful and vindictive individual, and bad looser which seems to be typical of those sharing his side of the Labour party. Moreover he is wrong.

By venting his spleen against Jeremy Corbyn, who after all gained a stunning victory with 59.5% of the votes cast from all sectors of the party in the leadership election, (a figure which Blair came no way near to achieving) Rentoul reveals his acute disappointment, pique and frustration that his preference gained little support.
The John Rentoul entry taken from “Wikipedia” confirms the extent to which his bias completely dominates his journalistic contribution.

He has described having "slavish admiration" for Tony Blair. His biography of Tony Blair has passed through several editions. Total Politics said Rentoul "is probably the most high-profile defender of Tony Blair’s record in the British media, His column in The Independent on Sunday has become one of the last bastions of pure, unadulterated Blairism". Rentoul was critical of Ed Miliband's leadership of the Labour Party and regarded Liz Kendall as the best candidate to replace him in the 2015 Labour Party leadership election.

An illuminating entry which confirms the view that Rentoul, like some others within the Labour party, are convinced that anyone who disagrees with their perspective is either mad, or wrong, or even both and is therefore “fair game” for their hostility and sneering comments. The media has been scurrilous in its coverage of the leadership election and today’s piece of nonsense from Rentoul continues the alarming decline of British journalism