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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thank God for the social media network.

If Jeremy Corbyn ignores the right-wing press, he will be exterminated

(says the Independent's Matthew Norman)


Jeremy Corbyn

What conceited bastards the "right wing press" actually are.
To assume that they alone have some devine right to smear, lie, distort and generaly discredit anyone they take a dislike to (for whatever reason) and then demand that their "victims" respond to the bilious out pourings is arrogant in the extreme.
Thank God for the internet and social media. In the new real world of communication, the "right wing press" are loosing their arguments and their credibility as their dwindling circulations and readership, is being overwhelmed by the millions of users on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many others who are burying these media rags and their endless spite.
How they must envy the reality that this post, whether the Independent censors block it or not (as they have done with many of my previous comments), will soon be on all my scocial media pages and curculating to millions af other usuers who will no doubt circulate it to millions more.