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Thursday, 24 September 2015

New Statesman: Jeremy Corbyn interview: the leader strikes back


Corbyn’s first week as leader was more shambolic than either his supporters or his opponents had anticipated.


No leader has ever won office with a larger mandate
Shambolic? Increase of 58000+ in Labour party membership since the leadership election result was announced, defections to Labour from other parties,wide spread public support for Labour policies on transport, housing, defence spending and other issues (despite what the Independent, Guardian, Sky News and other elements of the media may try to tell you) Conservative government ripped to shreds in the Trade Union Bill debate, (The Parliamentary Labour party may have lost the vote, but there is no shadow of doubt that they won the arguments.), far from being "shambolic" the first 12 days (is that really all it is?) of Jeremy Corbyn leading the Labour Party have been refreshing and exciting. It is just what this country has been crying out for since the days of Thatcher. We should all be looking forward to the next General election and the long awaited return of a Labour government, this time under the leadership of Corbyn.
A government where policy is more important than personality. where integrity is more important than spin and where no one can ever voice the criticism that "you are all the same when you get elected".