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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Is the Telegraph being mischievous again?

Chuka Umunna suggests Jeremy Corbyn's victory could lead to riots

Chuka Umunna and Jeremy Corbyn

Is Chukka Umunna a liar, or a hypocrite or is the Telegraph being mischievous again? Back at the beginning of September the member for Streatham said ""We must all work with Jeremy Corbyn", going on to say that we must "not make the mistake of giving the impression that electability requires the party to ditch its principles". Hardly the words of a man who see's his leader as paving the way for violence and uprisings on the streets of the cities and towns around the United Kingdom.
The telegraph uses the old tactic of creating a threat, ( which is not there) and then mobilising (or at least attempting to) public opinion to resist. much in the same way as the  press in Nazi Germany generated fear within the public and used it as a weapon against themselves.

Minister of Propaganda, Dr Joseph Goebbels

The Telegraph has learned much from Herr Goebbels and his propaganda machine.
Perhaps Chukka Umunna should consider taking the Telegraph to court.