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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Who are the real "threats" to National security?

 A threat to National Security?
Micheal Fallon

The patronising smirk of Preti Patel


The Conservatives wasting no time (even if they do waste everything else) in putting out the bile and smear on our new leader. The hysterical, scaremonger rhetoric pouring out of Central Office and obviously written by some demented troll in the back room, is repeated parrot fashion by Priti Patel and Michael Fallon and the press and television news stations lap it up as a cat would lap cream. Did anyone notice that the first few lines of the interview with Fallon were repeated on every news programme from 5pm onward and on Sky News (the same 10 second clip was show 4 times in the space of three minutes) and the smirking Patel filled our screens with her patronising manner as she repeated the party line. The BBC news channels and Sky news certainly were quick to accept government instructions and play their part in the smearing and vilification of Corbyn and his supporters. All this in just the first few hours of the new Labour party leadership, clearly sets the scene for more intense and dirty ploys over the coming days and months as the hostility against the new Leader of the Opposition, adds desperation to the already very evident fear. 

In the meantime of course the homeless continue to sleep on the streets, the bankers continue to get richer, the NHS lurches on, in its resource starved endeavours to maintain the nations health while the private health companies and hospitals make a fortune, austerity cuts bring misery to hundreds of thousands of our people, benefits are slashed while more and more claimants are sanctioned, private landlords grow richer, receiving more and more housing benefits for their bank accounts as IDS blames the people for the ever increasing costs of welfare.
The threat to our "national security" and the destruction of our society, comes from those former members of the Bullingdon Club with the lackeys who endorse and encourage them, sitting on the green leather benches in the Commons completely out of touch with the people they claim to represent.
Trotting out old quotes and phrases from the grubby filing cabinets in some office at 4 Matthew Parker St, London is a pathetic and miserable tactic from a pathetic and miserable party, posing as the government of this country.