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Thursday, 24 September 2015

United Kingdom jobs for Chineese workers and lots of money for businesses supporting the Conservatives

HS2 bidding process to be opened up to Chinese companies

I am not asupporter of HS2.
Having said that, I appreciate that the contract will be very attractive to elements within the conservative party not least of all to Cameron and Osborne who no doubt see substantial opportunities for they and their business and city "friends " to make vast sums of money for themselves and by various backdoor avenues, for the coffers of the Conservative party. As usual for prjoects of this size and nature, the British tax payers, that is you and me, will fork out huge sums, at the latest guesstimate somewhere in excess of £43billion, on the promise of hundreds of jobs for the UK economy and being "good for Britain and British travellers".
This may sound all very well, but is of course complete nonsense.

The reality is that sometime soon, some currently obscure Chineese company or more likely some cobbled together consortium, will be declared by our government to be the "preferred bidder" for the project and will be granted all kinds of incentives, inducements and assistance in producing their "winning bid" after all other bidders in Europe but in particular from the United Kingdom, have been eliminated from the bidding process because their bids "were not competative" with the Chineese submission.(We have seen it all before).
When the project actually starts (unless it has, hopefully been scrapped by the next government), Great Britain will see an influx of Chineese engineers, construction experts, designers, electricians and all sorts of other skills which completely belies the "jobs for hundres of British workers"  balony which the government are pouring out now. Of course their hope is that by the time the project actually starts, the people of this country will have forgotten the deceptions and misrepresentations used by the government to justify the inordinate expenditure of the project and the £billions poured into the coffers of the Chineese government
It could be that the country will get HS2, but the real cost to British industry, the British economy, the British workers and the British people will be astronomical and will be paid for over generations.