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Saturday, 12 September 2015

It’s time for a new kind of politics

 Turned off by a style of politics which seems to rely on the levels of clubhouse theatrical abuse


The first (relatively) sensible and reasoned article that the Guardian has published in many weeks. Apart from a few of the sometimes spiteful, sometimes silly contributions in the "comments" section, which have become the norm recently and is only to be expected from the usual suspects, the Guardian now seems ready to accept that Jeremy Corbyn will be announced in around 4 hours time, (it is now 07:30am) as the new Leader of the Labour party.
Politics in this country will never be the same again and the House of Commons will greatly benefit from the change to the traditional way of doing business amid the baying from both sides of the chamber and the "ya boo exchanges" which have become so familiar to those people bothered to watch the weekly childish behaviour of many MP's at the "kindergarten" of Questions to the Prime Minister.
At his final rally of the leadership campaign, Jeremy Corbyn said, “Fundamentally many people are turned off by a political process when the major parties are not saying anything different enough about how we run the economy, and totally turned off by a style of politics which seems to rely on the levels of clubhouse theatrical abuse that you can throw across at each other in parliament and across the airwaves.”
A labour party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn promises a new approach to politics by addressing the issues, telling the truth and convincing party members and people in the wider audience around the country, that things can be different and that there is a real alternative to the status quo.
Perhaps the Guardian may now put its weight behind the new leadership as the party goes forward to meet the challenges of the next 5 years and beyond.