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Friday, 26 August 2016

As the Labour party descends into chaos, the Conservative government presses on with its plan to dismantle our NHS.

NHS plans closures and radical cuts to combat growing deficit in health budget
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The conspirators of the Parliamentary Labour Party, now openly aided by elements of the National Executive Committee and Labour Party hierarchy, are determined to destroy the party and to stop the democratic process of the leadership election. A process which they themselves instigated when their first coup attempt failed, is now falling apart, as their "Stooge Candidate" Owen Smith, is exposed at every hustings debate, as a lightweight naive figure, only on the platform as a leadership contender, because no other member of the conspiratorial PLP had the backbone to challenge Corbyn themselves.

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Owen Smith: The lightweight and naive "Stooge Candidate" 

The latest tactic, emanating this time from elements within the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, seems to be a shabby and even more disturbing sinister, attempt to postpone Annual Conference, presumably to disrupt the leadership process and prevent the newly elected NEC members from taking their positions. Against the background of discredited people, clinging desperately to the reins of "power", suspending members without explanation, banning sections of the membership from voting, applying rules without regard for consistency or fairness and more concerned with their own positions within the party, the Conservative press on with their pursuit of creating a State for the few at the expense of the many. The "plotters" from some sections of the Labour Party are allowing the destruction of our society to take place, and apart from a few voices of protest, without any opposition or resistance.

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NHS takes axe to hospitals.

The most recent and perhaps the most alarming assault against the people of this country, are revealed today, where NHS bosses throughout England are "quietly" drawing up plans for hospital closures, cutbacks and radical changes to the way healthcare is delivered. The "proposals", some of which are planned to be implemented as early as October following, "local consultation," include ward as well as hospital closures, closure of acute units, and scaling down of general care provision. These measure are theoretically proposed to plug a whole in NHS funding budgets and to meet a projected financial shortfall of £20 billion by the end of this parliament.
NHS bosses are fronting this latest attack on health provision in this country, but there is no doubt that the hand of Jeremy Hunt is concealed within the glove and behind him is the shadowy figure of Theresa May, continuing the long held Conservative objective of smashing the NHS and replacing it with a two (or even three) tier Privatised healthcare scheme, designed to produce profits for their business friends and contributors at the expense of ordinary people who rely upon the health services.

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For as long as the futility of the struggle within the Labour party continue, so will the Conservative government be emboldened in their drive to create a society in their own image. The dismantling of the NHS is but one feature of this new "Conservative Utopia". The removal of working peoples rights, the destruction of civil liberties, the erosion of consumer protection and many other aspects of our society, will systematically become part of every day life in the United Kingdom.
The Labour party management and those elements with the Parliamentary Labour Party so resolved to remove Jeremy Corbyn and the current leadership, must today stop the open-ended hostility towards the membership of our movement and against the democratic processes of our party.

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Jeremy Corbyn. Straight talking. Honest politics.

The British people will never forget, nor will they ever forgive a party which through the vanity and self ambition of a few, brought about the destruction of a movement, created by working people for working people and their families, and allowed, by default, the party of privilege, wealth and business, to continue and expand their programmes of exploitation and excesses against our society.
The British people will never forget nor will they ever forgive and we in the Labour party will have deserted the very people that we seek to represent.