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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sadiq Khan's sudden endorsement for Owen Smith, has a very hollow ring to it.

Ditch Jeremy Corbyn before it’s too late, Sadiq Khan tells Labour

London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

According to Christina Patterson, I and the 600,000 odd other members of the Labour Party are "nutters". Patterson, is the "freelance journalist" with the constant sneering facial expression and intensely patronising attitude, often seen on the sofa in Sky News television studio, reviewing the papers. Not only are we "nutters", but we are also "mad", "insane" and "stupid" for being members of a party which, according to Patterson, is destined for political oblivion and is ensuring a "one party", (Conservative), State in this country for the foreseeable future. A party of full of "nutters" which incidentally has the largest membership of any political party in Europe, is dismissed as an irrelevance by a "journalist" who once wrote for the Independent.

Christina Patterson complete with sneering expression

The reason for this bizarre, almost hysterical torrent, was her contribution to the review of the story on the front page of today’s Observer (Guardian), concerning London Mayor Sadiq Khan and his "dramatic call to Labour party members to dump Jeremy Corbyn". Now it is not surprising for this newspaper to carry yet another anti Corbyn story in their attempt to undermine and discredit the Labour leader. The Guardian has been running this campaign since even before the Party leadership election of last year and has become more vitriolic over past months as the anti Corbyn coup has faltered. Now the newspaper greets with some relish, the addition of another "name" to the ranks of the Parliamentary Labour Party conspirators, as Khan throws his support behind Owen Smith, using the now well worn and discredited justification that the referendum result to leave the European Union, was in some nebulous way, the fault of Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith at the Leadership Hustings.

Sadiq Khan's sudden conversion to the Owen Smith cause has a very hollow ring to it. For many weeks Khan has maintained a neutral position in the leadership contest, despite being given frequent opportunities to declare for one or other of the candidates. For reasons best known to himself, he has only chosen now to reveal his preference and has selected the coup supporting Observer (Guardian) to carry the "story". We should not even be surprised that Khan has finally admitted where his true allegiances actually lie and is now firmly entrenched as another opportunistic member of the Parliamentary Labour Party group, perhaps even now harbouring leadership ambitions for a few years ahead.
The Labour party has provided support, organisation and encouragement to Khan since he was first elected as a Wandsworth councillor in 1994, then as Member of Parliament for Tooting in 2005 through to his election as London Mayor in 2016. The endorsement by Jeremy Corbyn of Khan's candidacy for London Mayor would not in itself have ensured the subsequent electoral victory, but it certainly added to the volume of Labour votes cast.
The story in today’s newspaper says much about Sadiq Khan's character and his values. He is very comfortable amongst the plotters and conspirators of the Parliamentary Labour Party and no doubt appreciative of the support and encouragement from the Observer (Guardian).
Christina Patterson was looking in the wrong direction.