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Monday, 8 August 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 07 August 2016

Good morning everyone.

Olympic games opening ceremony.

The Olympic Games of 2016 have opened in Rio de Janeiro. I was not wildly enthusiastic about the 2012 games as it seemed to me that the British people would be paying for the games for years in the same way as people of Greece, Japan, and other places where the games have been held are still paying for their time as hosts. However, this "festival of sport" gives pleasure to many, particularly the athletes competing there, and we (and millions of others around the world), can look forward to wall to wall television coverage (in the early hours of the morning) followed by all day coverage of repeated "highlights", for weeks to come. 

Favela in Rio

Amongst all the glitz and splendour of the opening ceremony and the televised interviews with glamorous "celebs" and others, (as seen on television news), the thought crossed my mind as to whether the people "living" in the favelas of Rio and the numerous other cities around Brazil, were deriving the same degree of joy and happiness from this sporting extravaganza as everyone else seems to be

Image result for lowell goddard
Lowel Goddard

Lowel Goddard resigns from her role as Chair of the Child abuse enquiry, after two years drawing salary and expenses while doing little if anything to move the investigation forward. This resignation from the Chair, the 3rd in fact, provides yet another excuse for continuing prevarication and delay. Perhaps there is a case for her to pay back part or even all of the money she has received over the past two years.
There is a growing feeling that those responsible and involved in the conspiracy and subsequent cover up, are continuing their programme of sabotage against any inquiry until such times as the participants and perpetrators are dead, and even then the prevarication will continue. This is a scandal and disgrace. The inquiry must start without further delay. Another inquiry to set parameters and scope is totally unacceptable.

Isabel Spearman with Samantha Cameron

Isabel Spearman has been given an award in David Cameron's "Resignation Honours list". She has been awarded this honour as Samantha Cameron’s stylist and adviser. I would have thought that 3 months inside for crimes against fashion (and style) would have been more fitting.


Remember Hiroshima.
August 6th 1945.
80,000 people were killed instantly and thousands more have died from injuries or illness attributed to the attack.
Only one country has ever used nuclear weapons against the civilian population of another country.

The sun is shining. It is forecast that it will rain. Nothing really changes with the British weather.

Have a nice week.