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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Tom Watson is talking nonsense

Tom Watson is talking nonsense – and he knows it

Sorry Tom, it is nonsense

Tom Watson is in the last desperate throws of his attempt to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party. Having now been exposed as one of the prime movers in the failed coup attempt and the conspiracy of June last, Watson resorts to the old and now discredited "reds under the bed" tactic, so popular with the Parliamentary Labour Party and those who support them, over many years. The philosophy of this contemptible, but still frequently used smear is that when they, the PLP, are loosing the arguments and see their position of power and influence in rapid decline, they resort to distorting the facts into a grotesque parody of reality, and then shouting very loudly that anyone who disagrees is a "Trot" or "Entryist" or "militant extremist" or some other description designed to alarm or frighten ordinary people into submission and acceptance of their version of truth.

Coup organiser Tom Watson..

some of the conspirators

In this task, they are invariably assisted and encouraged by an enthusiastic media, who are most anxious to maintain, or as of now, reinstate the "status quo" of an all powerful PLP. The media presenter also plays an important role in this subterfuge by emphasising the allegations of "entryism" certainly, but also by inflating the image of those leading the stream of abusive smears.
Last night (Saturday 13th August) for example, the Sky News (who else) paper reviewers, when reviewing this Observer (Guardian) article, stated that Tom Watson had "great support" within the Labour party, basing their astonishing claim on last years leadership election figures. It is only necessary to look at the ballot results to see that in the First round of voting, Watson gained only 39.4% of the votes, and even with the allocation of 2nd preference votes, managed only 42% in the second round. Not until the 3rd round of vote allocation did Watson manage to scrape through and then with only 50.7%. It is doubtful whether many of those who supported him for the post of Deputy Leader, myself included, would support him today, given this latest episode of duplicity and his treachery over the last few months.
The media are supporting Watson with column inches and air time, peddling the unsubstantiated notion of "entryism" into the Labour party. Watson produces evidence of his claims with a four-page document, based on publicly available information, but essentially comprising 30 year old pamphlets and selective quotes from reviews of books by Michael Crick, published in 1984 and 1985, and a sprinkling of hostile opinions from a number of "reports" from right wing "think tanks".
By seeking to spread this mischievous smear, Watson reveals himself as an odious self serving hypocrite, still clinging to the delusional hope that one day he may lead the party.
In the mean time, Corbyn describes claims by Tom Watson of far-left infiltration of the party as “nonsense” adding, “and I think he knows it’s nonsense”.
A typically generous response from Corbyn that Watson does not deserve.