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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The anti Corbyn campaign stiring up a storm in a coffee cup.

The Telegraph says that: "Jeremy  Corbyn had a seat during the train journey he suggested was so "ram packed" that he had to sit on the floor.

Note the "reserved" notices pinned to the seats.

For crying out loud! What is it with these people?
Corbyn's people say the seats were full or reserved. No they were not! screams Sir Richard Branson, we have a video! The seats were full says people on the train. The Mail, Telegraph, The i, The Times share a common thread that Jeremy Corbyn is completely discredited and his leadership is in tatters Mrs Dromey, aka Harriet Harman, on behalf of the 172 plotters and their supporters and never slow to miss an opportunity for a snide dig, admits that she has "no idea what's going on", but feels that Jeremy is damaged. 

Harriet Harman. "I have no idea what's going on"

This whole "story" is nothing more than a very small storm in a cup of Virgin Trains coffee, but is (as expected) seized upon by elements of a hostile media, embellished and blown out of all proportion to derail Corbyn and discredit his leadership. 

Harman of course, either by accident or design, walks straight into the Sky News web of duplicitous "journalism" admitting on air that she does not know anything about the incident but will never the less take the opportunity to offer another disparaging remark in the conspirators long running campaign to force Corbyn to step down.
Grasping at any straw, no matter how weak or feeble such straw may be, with which to attack the leadership of the Labour party, clearly demonstrates the decaying plight of the anti Corbyn camp as they scramble for continuing justification in their miserable campaign.