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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Chucka Umunna and Joe Watts of the Independent, seem a little confused.

Labour MP claims leaked emails show ‘in technicolor’, confusion of party’s EU referendum campaign

Chukka Umunna 

You remember Chucka Umunna. He was the one who dropped out of the Labour party leadership contest just 4 days after declaring his intended candidature, because he could not bear the level of media attention. Chucka Umunna has probably been regretting that decision ever since and seems to have spent most of his time during the months since then, dreaming up ways to undermine Corbyn and to conspire with others in the Parliamentary Labour Party, to remove Corbyn from the leadership.
In this pantomime of orchestrated resignations from Shadow Cabinet, through the farce of a No Confidence motion, Umunna has maintained a low profile, presumably waiting for the right moment to draw his dagger. It appears that he has again chosen the wrong moment. It could well be expected that a "journalist", even one from the "Independent", would have guided Umunna away from the gaffe of confusing the role of Alan Johnson of the "Labour In for Britain" campaign with that of John Trickett, the Campaigns and Elections Director.

John Trickett

Alan oJhnson

As the Labour leadership campaign reaches its final stages, it is only natural that the smears, distortions, defamation's and even lies levelled against Jeremy Corbyn, will grow in ferocity but we might expect that "journalists" and elements of the 172, could be a little more subtle and not insult the intelligence of their intended audience.