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Saturday, 20 August 2016

The campaign to destabilise Corbyn is falling apart and the conspirators know it.

Why I had to leave Corbyn's dysfunctional shadow cabinet

Heidi Alexander

The Guardian sticking to its self appointed role as the "saviour of the Labour party", acting as the mouthpiece for any of the Parliamentary Labour Party prepared to spew out more bile in the campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn. The conspirators anticipated that Corbyn would resign after the orchestrated mass resignations. They were wrong, he didn't. The plotters then moved to a vote of "No Confidence", fully expecting Corbyn to resign after 172 of the PLP supported the motion.
Again, they were wrong as he did not resign. The final throw of their seditious scheming was to launch a Leadership Challenge, but as there was no one amongst the "Big Guns" of the PLP with enough backbone to take on the challenge themselves, they have found a "Stooge Candidate" in the form of Owen Smith. Even this ploy however, seems to be coming apart at the seems, as none of the PLP are at this stage at least, prepared to come out from their trenches to support their man publicly.
Owen must feel a bit isolated stomping around the hustings looking more and more like a "one man band" as the audiences surround Corbyn, leaving Owen with hands in his pockets as if waiting for the next train home.

In the background to all this of course, going back to a time even before the leadership election of last year, there has been the insidious campaign of smear, distortion, deceit and untruth waged in a hostile media and television led predominately by the Guardian and Independent encouraged by the BBC and Sky, to undermine the Labour party leadership. As the Parliamentary Labour Party coordinated coup now falls apart and unravels, there is only one option left available. In a final desperate attempt to salvage some initiative and even at this late stage, bring about their objective of removing Corbyn, they are ramping up the destabilising tactics of smear and distorting to almost hysterical levels. This latest intervention from Heidi Alexander is the most recent, but certainly will not be the last, attempt to throw in some malevolence, in the hope that some will stick and even at this stage will damage the Corbyn campaign. It remains to be seen how successful this tactic will be in the effecting the outcome of the ballot, but we may rest assured that we have not yet witnessed the final outpouring of mischievous interventions from MP's, encouraged taken up with such enthusiasm by the media.