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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Tom Watson ‘peddling conspiracy theories’ but no credible proof.

Tom Watson sends Corbyn 'proof of Trotskyist Labour infiltration'

Tom Watson has sent the Labour Party leader’s office a four-page document, based on publicly available information, but essentially comprising 30 year old pamphlets and selective quotes from books by Michael Crick, published 1n 1984 and 1985.
If Watson is really genuine in his concern for the Labour party and "entryism" of forces from the extreme left, he should find more credible sources for his warnings rather than resort to the tactic, so popular with those on the right, of simply, ‘peddling conspiracy theories’ in the hope that some people may actually believe the smears.
No. With his actions and Guardian (who else) interview of yesterday, Watson has finally thrown off the mask of the "honest broker" and confirmed suspicions held by some all along, that his true allegiance lies with the plotters and coup organisers. Watson's ambitions of Labour party leadership, now lie in tatters with this probably final desperate throw to derail Corbyn in the leadership race. Though not yet publicly stated, Watson's refusal to endorse Jeremy Corbyn and this latest mischievous intervention, clearly shows his determination to support the candidature of Owen Smith as the stooge candidate, fronting for the Parliamentary Labour Party conspirators, who can find no one within their number with sufficient backbone to take on the leadership challenge.

The "Stooge" candidate

Some of the conspirators

The mutterings and whispering by those elements on the conservative right of the Labour party, and those sections of the media who support and encourage them, warning of entryism, Trots, Marxists, Militants and the rest, have been around for years, and always become more fervent when "the establishment" finds itself threatened in their comfortable position as is the case now.
The difficulty that they always face, as Watson is finding today, is a question of credibility. Resorting to compiling selective quotes and passages from 30 year old pamphlets and books, then producing that as evidence of "infiltration" over the last few months, is hardly likely to convince anyone, except perhaps a few people who probably support Watson and the conspiracy in any case.
This latest outpouring from the coup organisers, this time openly fronted by Tom Watson, finally throwing off his mask as," Mr. Fix-it, the Honest Broker", is an indication of how desperate the Owen Camp has become in its quest to oust Jeremy Corbyn. 

Everyone knew how dirty this campaign would become and we still have 41 days to pass before the ballot closes. No doubt the "establishment" in the PLP and their media sponsors are even now preparing their next assault on the democratic processes of the Labour party leadership election.