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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Personal abuse is acceptable on Sky Television News

Christina Patterson:  "I would rather vote for a jam jar than that nutter Corbyn".

Christina Patterson

Christina Patterson, with the sneering expression and patronising attitude was on the sofa of Sky News paper review again last night.
I criticised this obnoxious "freelance journalist" on my Blog last Sunday, for calling me and the 600,000 odd other members of the Labour Party, "nutters", "mad", "insane" and "stupid", during her rant on last Saturday's (20th August) Sky News paper review. It seems that Sky cannot get enough of this odious person, as she was invited back to share the sofa on last nights (27th August) show with Mathew Sayed, who at one stage revealed that he was "of the right" of the Labour Party and once stood as a candidate, but quickly distanced himself from the present party leadership and direction.

Matthew Sayed

On this weeks programme, Patterson over stepped the mark. In an extraordinary eruption of personal abuse, she admitted paying her £3.00 to vote for Owen Smith, but he had drifted off to "the left". As for the other candidate she said that she "would rather vote for a jam jar than that nutter Corbyn".  

Niall Peterson thought it was funny

A comment which reduced Niall Paterson, the Sky News presenter, and Matthew Sayed to fits of laughter.
It seems that personal abuse and insults are completely acceptable on Sky News and some other media channels, particularly when levelled against Jeremy Corbyn. There would be outrage and indignation, were the same degree of contempt used during interviews or presentations against any other person. It is incredible that Sky television, persists in inviting Patterson back for further press reviews when she has demonstrated such awful behaviour on other occasions. Rude, patronising, personally abusive and obnoxious, it seems that she is competing with Katie Hopkins for the title of the "Most despicable person in the media world".

Sky television and its News programmes can't get enough of her.