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Monday, 15 August 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 14 August 2016

Good morning everyone.

With sincere apologies to all for opening today's missive with a political comment (well it makes a change from all that Olympics coverage), 
it has come to my notice that "some Labour MP's, have called on David Miliband to return and topple Jeremy Corbyn as leader".
Now This has got to be some sort of sick joke.
Miliband Major lost to his brother in the 2010 leadership election, and skulked off to the United States to take up some well paid appointment while sulking about what might have been. Miliband Major, a great admirer, fan, disciple and sycophant of the "Great Leader"Blair.Things have changed David. Who ever told you that you would win a leadership election was misguided, misinformed or lying to suit their own agenda. Stay in the USA Miliband Major and enjoy the Hot Dogs and coffee.

Senator Farnham

Senator Farnham, a States of Jersey member, says that operating a single (Condor) Ferry on the Channel Islands to UK mainland route was "a mistake". He added that the cancellation of the Liberation earlier this week is ‘inexcusable’, and that if problems were ‘not fully resolved’the Island would have no other option but to look for an alternative operator."
States members have been saying this with monotonous regularity for years. here is some other agenda in operation here. An agenda which allows Condor to operate a third class service, with unsuitable ships and now the single day "service" of the £50 million Flagship Liberation, which should be consigned to the breakers yard this afternoon.


Wake up Farnham and the rest of colleagues in the States. No more words. No more rhetoric and empty threats. The time is overdue to sack Condor and install a new operator.

It seems that a Chinese firm with a one third stake in the Hinckley Point project has been charged with nuclear espionage. Regardless of the outcome of any subsequent trial, the risks of British nuclear secrets (if any) being stolen by third parties is significant. This espionage charge against the Chinese firm, is yet another reason (amongst many) for cancelling the Hinckley Point C project.

My fans from the garage have been working overtime for the past few days. The weather forecasters say its getting warmer! I may have to pop off to B&Q to get a few more fans.
Ces't la vie.

Have a nice week.