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Monday, 22 August 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 21 August 2016

Good morning everyone.

A "door stepping" attempt at the interview on Sky television was quite revealing. Philip Green (I have already stripped him of his title), living the life of luxury aboard the newest and most expensive of his yachts. A £100 million yacht paid for, in part, from the "missing" £ millions from the BHS pension funds, and the £ millions from rents and dividends paid directly to his wife.
No body really cares if Green felt uncomfortable being "doorstepped" by a reporter. He has no shame or conscience, and deserves every degree of discomfort that the press, MP's and public opinion can heap on him. Odious and supercilious man, who should spend every night worrying about when and how fate and justice will come knocking at his door.

On the 18th June 1984, a violent confrontation took place between police and pickets at a British Steel Corporation coking plant in Orgreave, South Yorkshire. The details and the aftermath of "the riot" are well documented elsewhere. A video by a woman who was there and was violently assaulted on the day, and which is well worth viewing, can be found at
The purpose of mentioning this event, is that even now, 32 years after the events of that day, there has been no public enquiry or investigation. The same police force, and many of the individuals concerned are the same characters involved in the conspiracy and cover up of the Hillsborough disaster of 25th April 1989. It took more than 27 years for the truth surrounding the events of that day to be revealed. An enquiry into the events at Orgreave on 18th June 1984, is well overdue.

It has been a bad week for television presenters and newspaper "reviewers". At least a bad week as far as I am concerned. I discovered that Sky News had sacked Lorna Dunkley in what was described as a cost saving exercise (but more probably due to the fact that she refused to toe the Sky news line of bias and misrepresentation in their "story" lines), and yet had retained the services of Kay Burley and Anna Botting! Other television media "personalities" who have received my wrath this week include Victoria Derbyshire, Dermot Monaghan, Cathy Newman. They all share the dubious "honour" of being rude, patronising, biased and very full of their own importance. It is as if being a presenter on television gives them the right to talk over or shout down anyone who they are supposed to be interviewing. However, the prize of the week goes to a newspaper "reviewer" on Sky News sofa (with Ruth Lee) on Saturday evening. According to Christina Patterson, I and the 600,000 odd other members of the Labour Party are "nutters". Patterson, is the "freelance journalist" with the constant sneering facial expression and intensely patronising attitude, often seen on the sofa in Sky News television studio, reviewing the papers. Not only are we "nutters", but we are also "mad", "insane" and "stupid" for being members of a party which, according to Patterson, is destined for political oblivion. She is of course entitled to her opinion, but she is not entitled to spread insults and venom when there is no opportunity for anyone to respond.

West Bay

Five people died this weekend, swimming in rough seas or just standing on the rocks watching the huge waves. Also there was a huge rockfall from the cliffs at West Bay. Within minutes, morons were climbing the fallen rocks and scaling the cliff face. There is even television footage of one dangling her feet over the cliff top immediately above the fall.
Is there no end to human stupidity?

Has summer finished now? It is still warm, humid and wet with cold snaps but I am keeping the fans handy.

Have a nice week