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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Sky News, BBC News Channel and the Guardian,all blame Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour could 'bust apart and disappear', warns Owen Smith.

Owen Smith

Last night, (3rd August 2016), on the Sky News Paper Review at 10:30, and at the same time on BBC News Channel, this article by Rowena Mason, was one of the items selected for comment. On the BBC, Clive Myrie, the BBC "presenter" of the biased viewpoint and patronising manor, was joined by Kate Devlin (of the Herald) and Tony Evans,(of the London Evening Standard) two instantly forgettable "journalists", no doubt selected by the BBC to fill this slot probably more for their political persuasion than for any balance that they may offer in their reviews.

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Clive Myrie

On Sky News it was a broadly similar set up, where Ian Dale the LBC presenter, was joined on the sofa by Jacqui Smith, former Home Secretary in Gordon Brown's government with the giggly Anna Botting providing leading comments and tenuous links between stories, to set the scene for the reviewers to launch into their "take" on the next item.

Anna Botting

With the Rowena Mason story, (the Guardian Deputy Political editor, with whom I have taken issue on numerous occasions), both Sky News and BBC News Channel had a common demeanour, where both reviewers and presenters were able within a few short sentences, to convert an article predominately about Owen Smith's fears of a Labour Part split, into an all out attack on Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership.

It seems that the present turmoil within the Labour party is, according to this assembled group of experts, entirely the fault of Jeremy Corbyn. The divisions within the party and between factions of the Parliamentary Labour Party, the PLP, and the party membership has been brought about by Corbyn's intransigence and his refusal to stand down from the leadership, (in the face of threat and intimidation from elements within the PLP. Perhaps not the phraseology that the reviewers would have chosen, but which never the less is exactly what has and is, still happening.)

There was no mention of the coup and the synchronised mass resignations, which are in themselves divisive, nor of the vote of confidence, intended to drive wedges between members and between elements of the PLP and designed to isolate Corbyn and any support within MP's that he may hold. There was no mention of the constant daily drip of smear or rumour in the media orchestrated and emanating from the conspirators within the PLP and the effect that this subversive activity is having upon the unity of the Labour party.

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No. Everything and they were very emphatic about it being everything, was Jeremy Corbyn's fault and only Owen Smith, at least according to the former Home Secretary, would be able to hold the party together and she stated her full support for Smith in his campaign for the leadership, which hardly came as a surprise.
There is something quite sinister in the way in which media and selected guests are able to perpetuate such hostility and unfounded allegations against a man who attracted almost 250,000 votes in the leadership ballot of less than 12 months ago and at this stage seems likely to win this current leadership ballot also.

It is not Jeremy Corbyn who is likely to split the Labour party despite what the BBC New Channel and Sky News would have us believe. It is the continuing campaign of the 172 plotters who refuse to accept a democratic decision and have a misguided and arrogant view that it is only they who know the real situation and that everyone else should bow to their superior position, who will bring about a split greater than that of the 1980's.