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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Owen Smith campaign is already running out of ideas

Owen Smith promises pay rise for five million workers if he becomes Prime Minister

Owen Smith

Owen Smith was elected to Parliament in 2010.
During those six short years, Smith has changed his position on issues, as frequently as the rest of us change underwear. Privatisation of the NHS, PFI, Austerity, Register of Lobbyists, and other shifts of his "policies", demonstrate that Smith is of the same mindset as those who still subscribe to the Blair philosophy that it is acceptable to say anything in order to attract votes and gain power. After that of course it is a return to the status quo where every promise is abandoned within hours of polling day.
The promised bribe of a "pay rise for five million workers" is no different to all the other nebulous rhetoric pouring out from the Smith camp since the start of this leadership election campaign. 

Smith says that he is more radical than Corbyn and yet uses the discredited tactics of the Parliamentary Labour Party, which have brought nothing but declining a membership, dwindling voters and electoral disaster to the Labour party for decades. His "proposals" offer no real alternatives and suggest that the Owen Smith campaign is already running out of stem and ideas.