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Monday, 29 August 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 28 August 2016

Good morning everyone.

There seems to be a slight "technical glitch" on the "New Agenda on Sunday" web page. Consequently, it may not be possible to open the paper at the moment. However, keep trying because there are some interesting stories in this weeks edition.

You may recall how last week Christina Patterson, of sneering facial expression and patronising attitude fame, won the prize of the week for calling me and 600,000 odd other people, "nutters", "mad", "insane" and "stupid" on the Sky News paper preview on the Saturday night. She was back on the sofa again this Saturday, this week with Matthew Sayed, and takes another "Prize of the week" for making another comment, in the same vein but now reduced to personal insult. Whether you like Corbyn or not, personal insults of this nature are never acceptable. In an extraordinary eruption of personal abuse, she admitted paying her £3.00 to vote for Owen Smith, but he had drifted off to "the left". As for the other candidate she said that she "would rather vote for a jam jar than that nutter Corbyn".

A comment which had Niall Paterson, the Sky News presenter, and Matthew Sayed rolling around in fits of laughter.
It seems that personal abuse and insults are completely acceptable on Sky News and some other media channels, particularly when levelled against Jeremy Corbyn. There would be outrage and indignation, were the same degree of contempt used during interviews or presentations against any other person. It is incredible that Sky television, persists in inviting Patterson back for further press reviews when she has demonstrated such awful behaviour on other occasions. Rude, patronising, personally abusive and obnoxious, it seems that she is competing with Katie Hopkins for the title of the "Most despicable person in the media world".
Sky television and its News programmes can't get enough of her.

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It emerged this week, that NHS bosses throughout England are "quietly" drawing up plans for hospital closures, cutbacks and radical changes to the way healthcare is delivered. The "proposals", some of which are planned to be implemented as early as October following, "local consultation," include ward as well as hospital closures, closure of acute units, and scaling down of general care provision. These measure are theoretically proposed to plug a whole in NHS funding budgets and to meet a projected financial shortfall of £20 billion by the end of this parliament.
NHS bosses are fronting this latest attack on health provision in this country, but there is no doubt that the hand of Jeremy Hunt is concealed within the glove and behind him is the shadowy figure of Theresa May, continuing the long held Conservative objective of smashing the NHS and replacing it with a two (or even three) tier Privatised healthcare scheme, designed to produce profits for their business friends and contributors at the expense of ordinary people who rely upon the health services.

An ongoing row about train seats seems to have dominated interest, at least as far as the media and television are concerned. This whole "story" is nothing more than a very small storm in a cup of Virgin Trains coffee, but is (as expected) seized upon by elements of a hostile media, embellished and blown out of all proportion to satisfy their own agenda's.

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I have been giving some thought to the American Presidential election, due to take place in November. It has occurred to me that there is a solution to this dilemma. Arrest Clinton for whatever charge the FBI actually want to press and make stick, then declare Trump as unstable and therefore not fit to hold public office. Having removed both candidates from the Presidential race, the American people can then try to find another two candidates, from amongst their 300 million odd population, for the Republican or Democratic ticket.
Surely among all those American there must be a better choice of Presidential hopefuls than these two specimens

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The Philip Green and BHS saga rumbles on. It seems that he is prepared to stump up some money (amount unspecified) for the BHS Pension fund, but only on condition that regulators will abandon a probe into‎ BHS's vast pension deficit. The arrogant gall of this discredited "entrepreneur" is breathtaking.

The last "Bank Holiday" weekend before Christmas is almost over. Where has 2016 disappeared to? It seem only a few weeks ago that we were welcoming a "New Year" !

Weather changeable and getting warmer we are told.

Have a nice week.