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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A "poll" to produce the results that you desire.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party perceived as 'increasingly incompetent', says poll

Jeremy Corbyn's allies insist his leadership is still in its “early days”

Another "new poll" for the Independent, pouring scorn and derision on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. (Who do they actually ask?)
Incompetent, threat to the economy, interested only in protecting down and outs and other contemptuous statements fed to a clearly selected audience "panel" of 2,000 people given the option responses of "Agree", Disagree", and "Don't know". A less than scientific survey, carried out to produce the results that the Independent desired and probably paid for.
However, the "results" of the poll have produced the usual batch of "Comments" on these pages echoing the general tone of the article, "Bye bye Labour", or "No leadership, no policies, no charisma", or "disastrous Labour years of the 70's" or even "the Marxist J C." All very predictable, all very puerile and all indicative of an overriding desire to ringingly endorse the findings of the "survey",  and discredit Corbyn and the Labour party.

More partisan than Independent

 It seems to me however, that there are growing numbers of people posting to the "Independent" comments pages who are not so easily persuaded by the  authenticity of
"opinion polls commissioned by The Independent", where the "results" invariably concur with the editorial position of the "newspaper". There is always the argument which says that when you continually produce statistics or in this case opinion polls, which are so grossly exaggerated and overstated, the credibility of your position is destroyed by your own eagerness to promote the most negative picture of your target.Thus is the case with the latest, though undoubtedly not the last "opinion poll for The Independent".