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Thursday, 29 October 2015

‘I ask him for the sixth time,’

The Corbyn quote at PMQs that silenced his critics once and for all

Not very happy

Cameron, he is the Prime Minister one with the snake like tongue, who sits next to Osborne the Chancellor one, who sneers when he is not rolling around in hysterical laughter at the effects of working tax credit cuts on ordinary people,  had the usual (but now well worn) response about “transforming the UK economy”,  and "all would be made clear in the Autumn Statement".

I ask him for the 6th time

 It is, after all Questions to the Prime Minister. It does not imply that he has to answer any. Except that is, the "planted" questions from those baying snarling morons sitting behind him. Cameron seemed uncomfortable, but Osborne looked very angry and upset. With any luck their subsidised meals in the Parliamentary restaurants will have caused them severe indigestion later.