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Friday, 23 October 2015

In Iceland the guilty are sent to prison. In the UK the innocent are punished with Austerity.

 Iceland sentences 26 bankers to a combined 74 years in prison



Good and reassuring news from Iceland. At least there is one country that has the backbone to defy the vested interests of some political factions and prosecute those responsible for the financial crisis rather than persecute ordinary people with pernicious cuts, reductions in living standards and crippling austerity.
We could have a similar scenario here if the politicians were not in the pockets of bankers and financiers.

The British people are paying the price for the "financial crisis", while the bankers continue to enjoy the huge salaries bonuses and the lifestyles that they have become used to. The banking world in the United Kingdom,  is "protected" from the consequences of its own action by politicians with their own agenda.
Austerity is not an economic necessity. Austerity is a political choice.