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Saturday, 3 October 2015

A recipe for disaster?

Obama says Russian strategy in Syria is ‘recipe for disaster’


Obama says Russian strategy in Syria is ‘recipe for disaster’. A statement presumably made to convince a skeptical world that the American "strategy" is the only strategy which will resolve the Syrian civil war and bring peace to that troubled area.
What President Obama actually means of course, is that any "strategy" which does not recognise and accept the American interpretation of who are the "good guys" in this conflict and therefore should be supported, armed and financed by  the "international community", is wrong and doomed to failure.
On the other hand, those groups involved in the civil war of whom the United States disapprove of politically or more likely see no prospect of gaining economic, military or influential advantage from in the "reconstruction" programme to be undertaken when the fighting is over (if it ever will be) must be bombed, droned, or otherwise destroyed under the overall direction and planning of the Americans.
 The hypocrisy of Obama in this latest adventure of American foreign policy is stunning.