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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

British workers made redundant as State subsidised Chinese steel floods onto our markets and we treat them to a Sate Banquet !

Steel crisis grows as Tata unveils job cuts

Hundreds of SSI workers try to find work at a jobs fair in Redcar for steelworkers made redundant .

China continues to dump its state subsidised steel onto our markets as another 1200 people at least are made redundant to join the 5000 already announced from the closures of SSI and CAPRO. Against this background Cameron begs for Chinese money for other United Kingdom projects (which will undoubtedly cause even more redundancies for British workers) by welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping on a state visit to this country.

President Xi Jinping and his wife arrive in London for a state visit to Britain

The Buckingham Palace ballroom set for a state banquet

This evening, the Chinese President and his delegation together with Cameron and other "dignitaries" are being entertained at a lavish State Banquet with no, doubt all the "trimmings".

They should choke on their foie gras.