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Thursday, 29 October 2015

The House of Lords needs reform, but so too does our electoral system

 The Lords is a ludicrous affront to democracy and accountability. 

says John Harris

Lords ignore PM's warning and vote to delay tax credit cuts
The House of Lords vote to kill off cuts to working tax credits 

Another glaring "affront to democracy and accountability" is the notoriously unfair "First Past the Post" electoral system.

You do not hear many MP's bleating about that.

Increasingly arrogant and autocratic

Only when the Lords (and I am no fan of that unelected and unaccountable chamber either), defeat a pernicious Conservative government plan, a conservative plan mind you, not a Commons policy (only 26% of the electorate and all that), which will make 3 million families up to £3,000 per year worse off does the government bench, Cameron, Osborne and Johnson in particular, erupt into fits of mock outrage, threatening all sorts of dire "consequences" to the House of Lords and those who dared to oppose the increasingly arrogant and autocratic government.

I would agree that The House of Lords is in need of reform, but so too does is our electoral system.