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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Another British Industry sacrificed on the altar of Conservative Party economic dogma.

Cameron accused of misleading steelworkers over £80m aid fund


Steel workers at the Tata Steel plant in Motherwell


Thatcher started this destruction of British industry and Cameron continues her evil work.
Heavily State subsidised imports from abroad, this time it is steel, are allowed to flood into this country but the government refuses such support to our own industry.
As a result, because our own industries are unable to compete with the cheap (on price and quality) imports, the government  allows the plants to close and the workers to be made redundant. The government justification for allowing the extinction of the industry is the fallacious lie that the industry is noncompetitive and "market forces"  must be allowed to determine the outcome.
Not only does this country loose the manufacturing facility, it also loses the skills associated with the industry. The knock on effect in the areas local community and in the associated businesses has been devastating for local jobs, employment opportunities and communities. Shipbuilding and coal were the main targets for Thatcher's vindictive attack with some passing tinkering with the privatisation of the steel industry, now Cameron continues with the work, allowing another industry to be sacrificed on the altar of Conservative Party economic dogma.
No amount of hand wringing, false sympathy, gnashing of teeth and crocodile tears from Cameron, Osborne, Sajid Javid and the rest can hide the reality of their destruction of another British industry, the violation of the associated communities and the arrogant refusal to offer the workers the opportunity to compete on a level playing field with foreign competition.