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Sunday, 4 October 2015

HIGNFY has become a vehicle for Hislop's snide comments.

Richard Osman is the nation's hero, taking down Jeremy Clarkson on Have I Got News For You 



I used to be an avid follower of this programme, but recent series have drifted off and lost the sharpness and wit of previous offerings as they seem to have sunk into 29 minutes (more if you watch the extended versions) of snide remarks rather than pointed satire. Last nights show was a continuation of this theme.
Richard Osman has demonstrated on other programmes that he has a sharp wit and his exchanges with Clarkson (never one of my favourite "personalities) attracted some audience reaction. However, the most positive reaction from the audience with applause and cheers, occurred when Osman refuted some sneering criticism of Jeremy Corbyn following remarks from other panelists.
Another great disappointment with this show is the way in which Ian Hislop seems to have shifted his political position. I recall how before the 1994 General Election, Hislop was a staunch supporter of Blair but over the years has clearly become disillusioned and it is now difficult to see where his political sympathy lies. What is perfectly clear is that Hislop is very anti Corbyn and last nights snide and spiteful comments emphasised his now usual bigotry.
I shall not bother to watch the rest of the series, not because of its "anti Corbyn" slant last night (which will probably be a continuing theme fro the rest of the series), but because "Have I got News for you" or HIGNFY, is no longer funny.