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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Israeli media blames FaceBook!!

Haaretz says: If the wave of violence we’re seeing now morphs into a full-fledged Third Intifada, blame it on Facebook. 



No. Blame this "intifada",on the continuing occupation of Palestine by a barbaric and increasingly vicious Israeli occupation force. Blame this "intifada" on the illegal and inhuman blockade of Gaza by Israel from land and sea and daily airstrikes against the people trapped in the Gaza strip. Blame this "intifada" on the occupation and blockade of Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Israeli check points every few hundred yards around Palestinian neighbourhoods in occupied East Jerusalem.
Blame this "intifada" on the evil Israeli "settlers" on the West Bank and the other occupied areas who build their illegal settlements destroying, infrastructure, crops and homes, and murder Palestinian men, women and children to drive them off the land while the Israeli occupation forces look on and assist in the crimes. Blame this "intifada", on the "International community" who turns a blind eye to the Israeli occupation, the apartheid imposed by the Israeli government, the atrocities carried out by the Israelis in Gaza, the occupied territories and in Jerusalem and on the genocide of the Palestinian people by the terrorist government of Israel.

Netanyahu weighs more aggressive action

Israel and the Israeli media, including Haaretz, always seek to blame others.The  "intifada", is not the fault of Face Book, but is the result of Israel's own actions and increasingly barbarous occupation of Palestine for more than 60 years.People will resist occupation with whatever means may be available to them for as long as such occupation continues. Social media is but one tool which is being used to bring to the attention of the world that which western governments and news media choose to ignore The acquiescence of "the International Community" allows ethnic cleansing, and apartheid to be inflicted on the people of Palestine and allows Israel to get away with murder.