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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Cameron abandons hundreds of thousands to a "homeless" future

Cameron vows to scrap requirement to build affordable homes for rent


Cameron will encourage developers to increase the building of homes for first-time buyers.
Cameron either by accident or more probably design, conveniently ignores hundreds of thousands of people in this country who will never be able to afford to buy either low cost first time buyer homes or "affordable" homes.
This country has a housing crisis created by successive governments, where people are unable to buy or cannot afford to rent. Tinkering at the margin with the vague prospect of owning a home at sometime in the future, is a not very well disguised bribe to attract votes, which has been the way of things for decades and has failed miserably. What this country desperately needs is a housing programme to build at least 800,000 new homes of which a minimum of 75% must be social housing, from a combination of local Councils and Housing Associations, targeted to areas where the shortages are most acute.The additional work opportunities in the building and building supplies industries would also contribute to encouraging economic activity within the British economy.

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Social housing. A thing of the past.

What the country does not need and cannot afford, is more platitudes and empty rhetoric from a tied and bankrupt Conservative party and their weakling leader who through their duplicitous actions over the years have been primarily responsible for creating the housing crisis that plagues us today.