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Friday, 9 October 2015

Luke Akehurst, and his Labour First group use the "Independent" to create division.

Labour left and right at war: Mainstream group hits out at 'divisive' Jeremy Corbyn-backed Momentum campaign

Labour First Group secretary Luke Akehurst

Labour First, that divisive group led by Luke Akehurst, who agitated against Jeremy Corbyn during the leadership election ,with smears and distortions, urging members to vote for anyone except Corbyn. The same Luke Akehurst who on the 11th July this year stated “We would therefore encourage supporters of Andy, Yvette and Liz to transfer votes to each other at CLP nomination meetings so that as few CLPs as possible make supporting nominations for Jeremy.” The same Labour First Group who boast amongst its supporters people like Chuka Umanna, Tristam Hunt , Liz Kendal and others who snubbed Jeremy Corbyn at the Party Conference by packing their bags and catching the early train back to London or where ever.
Luke Akehurst and his band of sycophants in Labour First, still smarting from Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership election now launching a media driven attack on Momentum, (a “grassroots network,” campaign on local issues and topics within the Labour party) with an e-mail to all its members telling them to “resist a Hard Left takeover” Corbyn backers.

Akehurst and his grubby little Labour First faction are a decisive and disreputable cabal of bitter and resentful people who cause dissent and spread division while blaming everyone else.