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Sunday, 4 October 2015

A recollection of words written some years ago.

My wife Sandra, (Facebook page Sandra Yates), has for some years been writing poetry as a hobby.
She has recently become interested in politics, and has joined the Labour party. During the Labour party conference, the issue of, “pressing the button” arose which generated a great deal of comment in the media and amongst members of the party. It also caused Sandra to recall a poem which she had written some 25 years ago. This is it.


The grass is white: In England
The cattle graze no more
In once luxuriant pastures
Enjoyed by them before.
The trees are bare: In England
The birds no longer rest
Within once laden branches
So safely in their nest.
There is silence now: In England
No children's voices bring
To once vivacious playgrounds
A happy, lively ring.
What happened to the grass and trees?
What hushed the child at play?
What happened to the cows and birds,
What made them die away?
Well, a finger pressed the button
Meant only for 'defence'.
They said, “We'll never use it.”
Yet they did … to great expense.
Our destruction is so futile,
To what purpose was their aim?
There cannot be a victor,
No 'spoils of war' to claim.
I write, before we perish,
Here in the aftermath.
My finger tracing in the dust
Our country's epitaph.