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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Conservative MP attacks government Tax Credit plans and the media hardly mention it.

Tory MP attacks George Osborne's tax credit plans in maiden speech


Tory MP Heidi Allen launches passionate attack on Osborne's tax credit raid

There seems to be little media or television coverage of the maiden speech of Heidi Allen, Conservative MP for South Cambridge, who during yesterdays debate on Working Tax Credits, ripped into the government policy to cut the benefit and in consequence make more than three million families worse off by around £3000 per year.
The Conservative front bench seemed distinctly uncomfortable as well they might, and perhaps even angry as M/s Allen accused them of, "betraying Conservative values" and emphasising that,  "Choosing whether to eat or heat is not a luxury" when families had "no cloth left to cut".
Had a Labour MP made the same ferocious attack on their own front bench. the media would today be screaming from their front pages and television would be leading with the story on every news programme. how the Labour party was split and full of rebellion. However, we have now become very used to the way in which "news" is edited, embellished or suppressed by a biased media to play down "problems" in Conservative ranks.
Heidi Allen's speech may not have gone down well with the Conservative establishment, but it did go some way to show that not all Conservative MP's are arrogant, heartless out of touch people, prepared to spit vile and venom as they pursue their pernicious policies against ordinary the people they are supposed to represent.